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The Infamous 50 Shades of Grey


The Infamous 50 Shades of Grey: More Than What I Thought!



Let me start by saying that this book was not what I expected. I have seen this book everywhere. And now there’s a movie for it. I was skeptical about reading this book to begin with, but let me tell you: this book is about more than just sex. This book is about the beautiful, and very realistic, growth of a phenomenal relationship between a man and a woman. This book touched very real situations, and is absolutely not dedicated to strictly sex (although there are a lot of very detailed, and quite frankly very realistic sex scenes.)

This book starts with a very embarrassing encounter between Anastasia and Christian. I personally adored this approach (there’s just something about people falling on their face that makes me smile).

The main character, Anastasia, is almost like your typical girl. She’s not happy with how she looks, and she has an internal struggle between herself and her thoughts. Sounds crazy, but tell me what person doesn’t mentally argue with themselves over something at one point or another in their life.

Christian both did and did not grow up in money. He has his own dark secrets about his childhood, and how it has made him into the man he is. And the way the author describes these problems is just magnificent. I personally don’t know much about psychology, but the way that the author wrote (or described maybe?) the psychological effects was very realistic to me. It definitely brought me closer to the characters.

The way that the author pulled the characters together was quick, but that is not a bad thing in my opinion. The internal monologue with the main character was worth a million pages of event and build up descriptions! To me this book broke down the reality of what happens when two people connect before they even know they have.

My opinion of this book has definitely changed. I went into this book worried I would not see why so many people love it. Now that I have read it, I can see the appeal of it! It is so much more that simply sex on every page. It is romance, and thrill, and excitement. It is real. I definitely recommend that you add this book to your personal collection! I know I will be!  As matter of fact, below I am posting a link where you can go read a sample of the book for free through Amazon. It is my understanding that you do not need the Kindle app to read the sample, however I could be wrong. If there are any issues, please leave me a comment and let me know so I can fix it immediately!




Book Review

Season of the Harvest

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Season of the Harvest Cover

Season of the Harvest (Harvest Trilogy Book 1)

By Michael R. Hicks


Review by Renée Précis


Hello again! This post is about a new series I discovered a few years ago but never got around to reading until just recently. It’s called “Season of the Harvest” by Michael R. Hicks. This book is in both subgenres Technothrillers and Conspiracies. On Amazon, this book has a 4.2 out of 5 stars. This is also the first of the Harvest Trilogy. It is also currently free on Amazon Kindle (although I do not know when that will end). After reading this review, there is a direct link to this book on Amazon’s website if you want to check it out!

Let me start by saying, it is obvious how much time was put into research for Hicks to develop this book. From the very beginning of the prologue readers are sucked in. We’re left asking questions immediately. Why? Because this man knows how to use details to his advantage. Details about the setting, about the characters thought process. It was almost as if I was reading the book from a first person narrative view, and I was really reading third person narratives.

But, before we dig into the book itself, let’s discuss the author first. All of the information I am about to relay I got from his personal website ( The thing I want to point out the most is this: he published his very first book through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. (I point this out specifically, because this is how I plan to publish my book.) This process if completely free for anyone to use! He turned to this in 2008 to publish his first book, and got one heck of a surprise! (He must be very modest.)

Season of the Harvest pulled me in quick. This book had me wondering how events happened, and why they were happening. Jack Dawson, the main character, is your typical “I work alone” kind of guy. He is ex-military who has seen his fair share of pain both in the field and in his personal life. This guy should be in a mental institution after everything he has gone through! But he has persevered and taken what life has given him, turned that into his purpose, and charged forward. This character is incredibly strong. I’m talking morally and emotionally. Not physically.

“…wasn’t what was pulling him toward the Bureau: it was the thought that he might be able to help prevent what had happened to her from happening to others,” This quote is, to me, the most powerful indicator as to who Jack Dawson is.

When Crane, Dawson’s best friend is murdered he’s told to stay out of the case. Well, he doesn’t. When Dawson begins digging into the case, he stumbles across things he never thought existed, and learns he has to help stop them. Sounds cliché, right? In some ways maybe it is. But the approach of Hicks is definitely unique.

Hicks unfolds the plot curiously, making the reader want to devour it on the spot. There are still things I don’t fully understand about the book.

Weapon caliber, for example. I am not all-knowing when it comes to weapons. I’m not saying more detail need to be given in the books about these weapons, I just think I need to reevaluate my weapon knowledge and expand it. “Barret Model 82A1 with a Unertl telescopic sight” (from approximately page 208, assuming the kindle cloud reader for browsers has accurate page numbers) is a good example of some of the weapon terminology that leaves me confused. And then there’s the brief details of aircrafts. Need to learn more about those too. “Norwegian C-130” (again, approximately on page 209) is another term I am unfamiliar with.

Another thing I want to mention briefly is the way Hicks brings animals into the story, and gives them a rather important role. Cats. Cats have a very important role in this book. Although it is not as important as Dawson’s role, it ends up helping Dawson at one point. Who else can say they have a book where a simple domesticated feline ends up being one of the biggest helping forces in a book about corruption and deceit? None that I’ve seen! If you know one leave a comment and let me know!


I honestly did not think I liked this genre until this book. But this book pulled me in from page one. This is a book I would highly suggest you read. Even if you do think conspiracies are just plan irrational. This man took a conspiracy and turned it into an epic novel about fighting to save the entire world from aliens. And I for one cannot wait to read the rest of the trilogy. I would personally give this book a 5 on a scale of 0-5.


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