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I’m so glad you took the time to not only visit my blog, but to read over my About Me section!

I’ve loved English since the 5th grade. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and I relish in learning new things. I’m a mom, a college student, and a general goofy person. (I’m also extraordinarily cursed with clumsiness.)

I started this blog for two reasons: to try to get my writings noticed and to gain experience doing book reviews for a bullet on my resume when I graduate. I want to write and publish a book as well as work as an editor. However, I soon realized that blogging was super fun! I’ve come to enjoy making posts, and plan on adding more tags in the future! If there’s anything specifically you want me to make a post on just send me a message via one of the message options below. I plan on making a tag specifically for user requested randomness! So, if you want me to look into something, or just create a small short story just for you just let me know! 🙂

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About my Posts:

Book Reviews:
I review books independently. The genre of book varies, I’m not too much of a picky reader anymore. I enjoy something that will catch my eye and keep my attention. To me, a cover really is what draws a reader in initially, but the synopsis is really where the reader’s attention is drawn. However, I know how much one can spend on a book collection. Therefore, I want to create my own reviews on selected titles so people can see if it is really for them. I try not to give away any crucial details about the story so that you get the full experience when reading the book for yourself. I expect to have one to two book reviews published on my blog monthly.

Creative Writing: 
Any stories you see under the creative writing tag are solely made up by me. I write them from my own imagination, and they are my own personal works. I originally planned to have a new addition published weekly, and I am going to try my best to stick to that!

Exploring the Dictionary:
This tag is where I take the word of the day from http://www.dictionary.com and define it according to what the site says. Then, I create my own example sentences, but with a twist. These sample sentences are slowly compiled together in the attempt to “make a story” from them. However, as I cannot predict what the word of the day is, I never know what word I am going to get. This is an exercise for my creative writing skill, and also a way to encourage readers to study what words mean.

Any book suggestions or tips of any kind are always greatly appreciated. Don’t be shy! I’m not mean or anything don’t worry! 🙂

If you want to guest write for my blog, or would like me to guest write for your blog, simply send me an e-mail using the contact page: remember please to contain a link for your blog, and what you would like from a guest post from me. If you guest write for me, I will share the post via my social media sites, all of them. If I guest write for you, I expect the same sharing. Guest writing is a way to bring in new viewers. Links to each other’s blogs will be included in the article so that readers can visit your page if they choose to! 🙂

Also, if you’re curious about who did my custom images his name is Tyler Wilde, he’s a fantastic artist! You can e-mail him at tkwilde13@gmail.com if you want any images done for you!

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