Exploring the Dictionary?!


Time for the word of the day again!!! I’ll have to admit; these words are aligning with my purpose quite nicely but today’s word was a little difficult to figure out how to incorporate it while still making sense!


The word of the day for May 3, 2017 is:





Menacing; threatening.


Today’s expansion on the story is:

He had a minatory expression as he headed towards her.



In total, so far this is our story:


She stood up to him lion-hearted, unable to handle the verbal abuse for another minute.

“You’re like a diacritic, little girl,” He said. “No one bothers to understand you.”

“I beg to differ. I’m floriferous. Everyone adores me for both my inner and outer beauty. You? I feel sorry for you due to your lack of both,” She said more calmly than she had expected.

He stared at her dumbfounded.

“You attempt to tear down others; you try to dox others,” She continued. “I will not let someone like you continue to belittle me.”

He had a minatory expression as he headed towards her.



Whelp, after starting dumbfounded at this word for about two hours I don’t understand why I had such a hard time putting it into a sentence that would fit into the story. Reason 61651651 why I should be doing this exercise with you guys! 😊


Hope you enjoyed the post for today! Follow my blog for regular updates, and share it wherever you can so other people can see it too! 😊


As always, ❤ Renee Precis



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